Truffol Watch Strap Review

Truffol Watch Strap for Pebble Time

People who take delivery of the Pebble Time Steel are usually delighted by the quality, look and feel of the watch. It comes with a leather strap with a nice soft touch and a premium look. If your experience is anything like mine, however, the standard strap doesn’t fare well over time. In a matter of a week or so, the leather strap that came with the watch took on a decidedly world-weary patina. It was time to dress things up with a metal strap.

The Truffol strap is at the more expensive end of the spectrum for replacement bands for your Pebble Time or Pebble Time Steel watch, but it promises premium quality to justify its price above the many cheaper offerings available at Amazon and eBay. It is available in silver, grey/gunmetal or black to suit whichever version of Pebble Time or Time Steel you have. Let’s see what it has to offer.


Truffol Watch Strap for Pebble TimeThe Truffol strap is made from bead-blasted stainless steel. The bead-blasted part is important as the surface texture exactly matches the texture and look of the Pebble’s finish. In short, as it was designed specifically for the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel, it looks like it belongs. I had tried another metal strap that we had here, but it looked out of place as the strap was shiny metal, and it clashed with the matte look of the watch. The Truffol strap finish matches perfectly.

The clasp is a standard “lay-over” type which is released by pressing two tabs on either side of the strap.


What's in the Box?

What's in the Box?In the box comes the strap itself, a handy pin extractor tool, some basic instructions, two quick-release pins for the strap (just like the pins that come with the leather strap), a spare strap attachment pin, and even a spare link pin. I was thankful for everything that came with it and, honestly, adjusting the strap would have been a nightmare without the supplied tool.


Truffol Pebble Time StrapThe strap itself seems to be of good build quality. It is heavy enough to not feel cheap, but light enough not to weigh you down. The silver version we have here has black accents embedded in the links which accentuate and match the black line surrounding the Pebble Time Steel. This adds to the feel that the strap belongs to the watch, and is something I have not seen in any other strap available.

I would say I have medium to large wrists, but I could see straight away that some links would have to be removed to fit. One very useful feature of this strap is that it contains a half-link. This enables more precise adjustment. As it turned out, I needed to remove two-and-a-half links to achieve the optimum fit for me. This required some time getting close and personal with the pin removal tool, about which I have mixed feelings.


Strap Adjustment

Truffol Pin Removal ToolAdjustment of the strap is made by removing links. Like many steel straps, the links are removed by forcing out a pin. I have experienced adjusting these kind of straps without the proper removal tool, and it’s not an experience I’m in a particular hurry to repeat. Therefore, I was very pleased to see the proper tool in the package.


Truffol Pin Removal ToolOne very important thing to note here is the direction in which you attempt to remove the pins. There is an arrow stamped in the link which shows the direction of entry. You want to drive the pin out in the opposite direction. You lay the strap into the removal tool, make sure the pin in the tool goes into the hole in the strap, and screw inwards to remove.


 Removing PinsI found that while the pin removal tool no doubt saved a lot of trouble in getting the pin out, it doesn’t drive the pin out entirely. I had to resort to pliers to completely remove the pins, and this damaged them enough to make it difficult to impossible to re-use the pin. I was very glad that Truffol included a spare pin which I used.  The pins are replaced by inserting them in from the direction of the arrow, and pressing down on a firm surface to help drive them home. This is a time when you could easily bend the pins (ask me how I know), so extra care should be taken.

About two thirds of the way through the strap adjustment I found that the pin in the removal tool bent. This made it slightly stressful to complete the job as I worried that I would be left without a useable tool before I got the job finished! Fortunately, some careful straightening with the aforementioned pliers got the tool back into good enough working order to finish the job. I would take particular care with this tool as it doesn’t strike me as the most robust part of the kit.


Pebble Time Steel with Truffol Watch StrapHowever, about half-an-hour saw the Pebble Time Steel sporting new livery, and I must say that the result is very nice indeed. An added bonus to the Truffle strap is that it comes with those quick-release pins, so you can easily switch straps at will. It is worth noting that those quick-release pins are not held in place when the strap is disconnected. They will fall out very easily, so I would do it over a surface such as a table.



  • Perfect matches the look of the watch.
  • Solid quality.
  • Inclusion of pin removal tool and spare pins
  • Pin removal tool not robust.


Truffol Watch Strap for Pebble TimeIf you’re looking to dress up your Pebble Time, or Pebble Time Steel watch, you could do a lot worse than the Truffol strap. I can safely say that you won’t find a strap which matches the look of the watch so perfectly—and that includes the purpose-made offering by Pebble. The inclusion of the pin-removal tool, and the spare pins, is a decided advantage—saving you a trip to the jewellers to have it adjusted.


 Truffol Watch Strap for Pebble TimeIt is a little more expensive than other watch straps currently available, but you are guaranteed a matching look and, being a standard 22mm strap, it is one that should serve you for many years to come. Watches may come and go, but you’ll always need a strap!

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0 #3 Administrator 2016-01-21 18:33
Quoting Johnty:
Does the strap pull the hairs on your arm? I have had some straps that do this, and it puts me off.

Hi Johnty. Thanks for the comment. I have experienced no hair pulling. I have been wearing this strap since this review was published.
0 #2 Missy301 2016-01-21 18:10
Quoting Johnty:
Does the strap pull the hairs on your arm? I have had some straps that do this, and it puts me off.

Johnty. I have this strap and it has never pulled any hairs. I've experienced this before with other straps, but this strap doesn't do it.
0 #1 Johnty 2016-01-21 17:55
Does the strap pull the hairs on your arm? I have had some straps that do this, and it puts me off.

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