Pebble Smartwatch with iPhone and iOS

 Pebble Smartwatch with iPhoneIf your choice of smartphone is iPhone, you may be thinking that your only choice for a smartwatch is the iWatch. However, Pebble Smartwatches have always worked with iPhones, and integration has improved recently.

As stated elsewhere, the basic function of a smartwatch is to mirror the notifications from your phone, onto your watch. Once paired with your iPhone (and the Pebble app downloaded from the iTunes store), any notification that appears on the iPhone will appear on the Pebble. You can also control your music playing on your iPhone with your Pebble. This works with the iOS Music app, Spotify, Google Play Music and most others.

Starting with iOS7, you have more fine-grained control of notifications that are sent to your Pebble watch. Prior to iOS7, you had the option of receiving standard notifications such as SMS, alarm, e-mail, etc. With iOS7+, you have more integration, and choice of which notifications you would like to receive.

In numerous tests, using the Pebble Smartwatch with iPhone has shown to have negligible effect on the battery life on your iPhone.

It should be mentioned here that users of Android phones enjoy deeper integration with Pebble smartwatches, and this is down to the more closed nature of the iOS operating system. However, all of the primary functions of a smartwatch work seamlessly with the Apple mobile operating system, and Pebble offers a much cheaper alternative to the Apple watch.


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