Pebble Smartwatch Battery Life

Pebble Smartwatch Battery LifeIf there's one thing that sets the Pebble Smartwatch apart it is the battery life. While most of the current crop of smartwatches need charging daily, Pebble smartwatches last anything up to ten days on a single charge. Following is a table which outlines the pebble watches, and their battery life:

Pebble Watch Model Estimated Battery Life
Original Pebble 7 days
Pebble Steel 7 days
Pebble Time 7 days
Pebble Time Steel 10 days
Pebble Time Round 2 days


One thing that should be noted is that because the battery needs charging much less often than other smartwatches, the battery's useful life will be much longer (because it will be going through less charging cycles). It estimated that the lithium-ion battery in the Pebble Steel, for instance, should last six to ten years.

When a Pebble smartwatch battery is nearly depleted, the watch goes into "power saver" mode, which mutes notifications, and displays a minimal face which displays only the current time. This means that, even if you have been too long away from the charger, you have a considerable time left before the device stops functioning as a watch.

However, for those among us who wish to eke the most possible battery life from their Pebble smartwatch, here are a few tips which should help you to get the best of the Pebble smartwatch battery life:

  • Pebble's built-in watch faces can be relied upon to provide the most battery life because they have been optimally designed by Pebble.
  • The way that the Pebble display works is that it uses power only when it is updating the display. Therefore, watch faces that update the display the least will make the most of the battery. Many watch faces enable you to suppress display of the seconds. This can help.
  • With the later versions of the Pebble operating system, applications are allowed to run in the background. This is useful for applications such as fitness and sleep trackers. Although I have personally found this to have very little impact on battery life, it is worth remembering that if you are trying to extract the very most battery life, these kind of applications will have an impact.
  • Your experience with the many independently-developed watch faces and applications will vary, but it sometimes happens that you will find a rogue application which will impact your battery life negatively. If you find a sudden drop in battery life, you can try removing the watch faces and/or applications that you recently added, and load them back again one-by-one. You can usually find the culprit using this method, and avoid that application in the future.
  • As stated previously, the Pebble display only uses power when it is updating the display, so the more "complications" a watch face has (such as weather updates, temperature, etc.), the more battery will be used by that application. Generally, the simpler the watch face, the less battery it uses.
  • Finally, the amount of notifications you receive on your watch will impact your battery life. It is a simple matter to control and limit unnecessary notifications using the Pebble smartwatch app that is installed on your phone.

Overall, us Pebble smartwatch users have the luxury of having to worry far less than others about battery life because ours is stellar to begin with. There will be times, though, when we wish to get the most possible (such as when we are away for a few days, and haven't brought our charger cable with us). These tips should help you to just enjoy your Pebble smartwatch, and have one less thing to worry about!

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