Having Problems with Weather Information Right now? You're not Alone

Weather Information ProbleFor the last week or so, many (or most) watch faces that display weather information have been exhibiting strange behavior. Sometimes, the temperature will vary wildly. People have reported sunny conditions showing in the middle of the night. Well, don't blame the watch face. About the only reliable (until now) weather information has been through the Yahoo! Weather API. Most watch faces use this service to get their weather. Unfortunately, the service has been having a lot of issues for the last week or so. Often, the information being returned from Yahoo! is hours—even days—old. About one in five times is the correct information returned. The maker of the popular watch face "Din Time" (shown above) has gone as far as to update the watch face to show when the information returned from Yahoo! is old, and therefore unreliable.

Incidentally, Yahoo! gets their weather information from The Weather Channel. I have found that the Weather Channel's own watch face is working fine.

There is currently no timeline for a fix on this issue from Yahoo. Let's hope they get it sorted soon. In the meantime, don't blame the watch face makers. I'm sure they're more stressed than anybody!

Update 30th November 2015 
It seems that Yahoo managed to get the issue resolved over the Thanksgiving holiday. As of a couple of days ago, watch faces that rely on Yahoo! for their weather appear to be working well again. Dare I say it? Yahoo!
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