Pebble Getting NFC Payments with Pagaré Smartstrap

 Pebble NFC Payments

When the Pebble Time was released, it was with some fanfare about an upcoming feature, for which the watch is enabled. This was smart-straps. Essentially, the promise is that the feature set of the watch could be enhanced or augmented by after-market straps connected via the charging port.

It doesn’t take much to imagine some possibilities with this. Battery life could be extended even further, GPS could be added, more sensors can be added and even—as Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky hinted—“there is always the opportunity for hackers and makers to create straps that bring a special, unique sensor or functionality for a particular use case, like a certain health situation.” Intriguing. That immediately makes me think about the possibilities for diabetes sufferers, for instance.

There are certainly some interesting possibilities. However, the news for today is that there has been some real movement in the development of the first smartstrap. During a recent “hackathon”, a company called CONNETEDDEVICE came up with a smartstrap for the Pebble Time that carries an NFC chip—so allowing payment by a simple swipe of the wrist. 

Following Pebble’s own lead, the company is launching via a Kickstarter campaign in January of 2016. If you’re interested in keeping track of this development, head over to the Pagaré website.

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