Pebble HealthIt’s been a great day for Pebble users. Along with users of the classic watches getting the new timeline, pebble introduced all-day fitness, health and sleep tracking built right in to the watch; no extra app required.

It is well known that one of the greatest strengths of a Pebble smartwatch is its stellar battery life. This enables the watch to monitor not only activity during the day—such as your steps, but also at night while other smartwatches are sat on the nightstand getting their daily dose of juice.

Previously, users have been turning to apps such as Misfit or UP to monitor their daily (and nightly activity), but Pebble recently collaborated with the Stanford Wearable Health Lab to develop Pebble Health. Pebble Health tracks your daily activity and automatically detects your sleep phases. The results are seamlessly entered into your timeline, making them instantly and conveniently visible. This makes Pebble a very strong contender in the wearable fitness  scene. Pebble Health is fully compatible with Google Fit and Apple HealthKit.

It should be noted that Pebble Health is only available to users of the Pebble Time range of watches. Users of the Classic Pebble and the Pebble Steel can still use the fitness apps they have been used to using.

Expect a full review of Pebble Health soon. In the meantime, to get Pebble Health, simply upgrade to the latest version of Pebble.

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