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Why Choose a Pebble Watch?

You may have found this page because you're looking to buy a smart watch, and trying to decide between a Pebble watch, and one of the other types, such as Android Wear or the Apple iWatch. This Pebble watch website is for you! I have assembled everything you need to know about Pebble watches—and possibly more!

If you are completely new to smart watches in general, and are wondering just what a Pebble smart watch can do, head over to this page to see just what they are are capable of. Otherwise, let me explain why I think that Pebble smart watches are the most practical wearable technology available today:

Pebble Time Steel

Let me start by saying that all smartwatches perform a basic—yet very useful—function. At the simplest level they mirror the notifications from your smart phone on to your wrist. At first view, this may seem like not much of a big deal. Indeed, this was what I thought when I purchased my first smartwatch. Within a couple of days, however, I had become very grateful to be freed from my phone so much.

How many notifications do you get on your phone every day that really could be ignored, or at least put off until later? If you are anything like me, there are many. Being able to quickly glance at your watch to see what kind of notification is coming in, and deciding in an instant whether it needs your attention (usually not) is a surprising time-saver. Being able to take action on some of those notifications, or even initiate actions from your smartwatch is an added bonus! 

What Makes a Pebble Watch Different?

Pebble TimeHaving used both Pebble watches and Android Wear smart watches extensively, I have come to the conclusion that the one thing that sets Pebble watches aside from other types of smart watches is a huge benefit... buttons! Let's face it, anything more than quick, simple interactions are going to be done on your phone, tablet or computer. Why would we spend our time swiping away at a miniature screen on our wrist when our phone is (by necessity) close by? Equally, I have experienced many frustrating instances when I have inadvertently operated touch-screen smart watches simply by crossing my arms! "Cool factor" aside, touch screens on a watch are not the most practical.

No, smart watches are the domain of quick, focused interactions—often performed while doing other activities (such as controlling music while driving, or dismissing a call while you are busy doing other things). It is these kind of interactions which benefit greatly from simple, focused operations such as pressing buttons. You don't have to look at the screen. This is where the Pebble watch shines above its competitors, and why I personally keep coming back to the elegant practicality of Pebble smart watches over their glitzy brethren.

Advantages of Pebble Over Other Smart Watches

  • Works with both Android and iOS. Other smartwatches are tied to one or the other.
  • Battery life far exceeding all other smart watches. The best of the current smart watches will be dead in less than two days once taken off the charger. Many long before. Depending on the model, Pebble Watches last up to ten days between charges.
  • Always-on screen. To conserve battery life, most smart watches either blank the screen—requiring an exaggerated wrist motion or button press to switch the screen on—or go into an "ambient" mode after a few seconds. "Ambient Mode" is a dimmed-down (and dumbed down) version of the watch face which usually displays the minimum information necessary in black-and-white to conserve battery. Pebble's e-paper display is always on, and always the same. This enables a quick glance even if, say, your hands are full—just like a regular watch!
  • Easily seen in bright daylight. Again due to Pebble's e-paper display, the watch only gets easier to see the greater the amount of ambient light. Most watches with LCD or AMOLED displays wash out, and become extremely difficult to see in bright conditions—especially direct sunlight. We all know how difficult it is to see our phone display in bright sunlight sometimes. The current selection of smart watches with LED/OLED displays suffer even more from this issue. On the other hand, Pebble watches are not as easily visible in dark or dim conditions, which is why a shake of the wrist turns on the backlight.
  • A focused, practical operating system. Pebble really started the smart watch movement, so have more experience in creating an easy-to-use, practical operating system. This, combined with the simplicity of button operation, make for streamlined and efficient use of a smart watch.

Which Pebble Watch is Best for You?

If you are still with me, you are likely wondering which Pebble watch is best for you. Currently, there are five distinct models available with various options for bands/straps. I have dedicated a page to each of these models, so take a look at the pages below:

 Pebble Watch Pebble Steel  Pebble Time  Pebble Time Steel  Pebble Round 
Original Pebble Pebble Steel Pebble Time Pebble Time Steel Pebble Time Round
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